Enhance your Scottish Highland wear with a unique and hand crafted sgian dubh. Using up to 100 year old Scotch Whisky Barrel  oak along with brass Pharlain & Lennox produce beautiful and individual sgian dubhs.

With customisation options of Clan crest engraving and personalised initials on the back of the handle. Every sgian dubh comes with a handcrafted presentation box or whisky stave and knife display stand.

The Sgian Dubh translates from Gaelic as ‘Black Knife’ and often referred to as ‘Hidden Knife’. It is said traditionally the knife was kept under the arm and when visiting as a guest it was taken and placed in the sock for visibility. 

Sgian Dubhs come in various forms from traditional natural materials to military style and Scottish Clan crested.

This Scottish blade is worn with full traditional Highland wear on many special occasions that require that bit of prestige – Weddings, Funerals, Celebrations, Black Tie Events, Burns Night, Highland Games.*

Most of us Scots still like to wear our Kilts on any occasion we can or it may be required as part of the job. In this case, the best option is to carry a Saftey Sgian Dubh that is bladeless and function only for decoration and to complete the look.

A bladed sgian dubh is something to be cherished and respected. Many Scots hold on to these and pass them down the family and the stories of the people who had it before them with it. But let’s face it, we aren’t all descendants from Scottish Clans or have ancestral roots to obtain such an item. Creating your own custom Sgian Dubh allows you to create a fresh legacy, your own item to pass on with its own story.

Our master craftsmen can customize handles and blades with your symbols of heritage or personality making it a favoured talking piece. 

*Please be aware of the knife Law in the UK or your home country. In the UK it is legal to carry a sgian dubh if you are wearing the Scottish National Costume and the blade is under 3.5 inches.

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